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This week on “Creatives Grab Coffee“, Lapse Productions we had the privilege of welcoming Stuart Edgeworth, founder of CHUCK Media, an Australian-based video production company that focuses on “Filming with Feeling.” Stuart not only brings a refreshing global perspective to the show but also offers valuable insights into managing a video production business with flexibility and passion. If you haven’t yet heard the episode, catch it here:

Key Takeaways

  • Tailor your online presence: Adapt your online platforms to suit specific niches but also be versatile enough to accommodate a wide range of projects.
  • Niche down without boxing in: Understanding how to specialize while not limiting your range is essential.
  • Smart Landing Pages: Use different landing pages to channel potential clients towards relevant showcases of your work.
  • Growing Pains: These are not setbacks but rites of passage for any entrepreneur.
  • Annual Passion Projects: Make time for projects that reignite your enthusiasm for the craft.


  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 01:10 – Current video market in Australia
  • 04:30 – Stuart’s background in business development
  • 06:04 – Strategizing outreach and targeted cold-calling
  • 11:15 – Emphasizing referrals with your clients
  • 13:18 – Niche-down v. taking on variety of projects
  • 21:43 – Distinguishing your projects within industries 
  • 24:28 – Tailoring your online presence
  • 28:20 – Shaking up Linkedin Ads
  • 32:15 – Taking advantage of connections made through social media
  • 35:21 – Stuart’s background before starting CHUCK Media
  • 37:58 – Transitioning from freelance to business owner
  • 41:41 – Growing pains as an entrepreneur
  • 43:40 – Hiring based on days of the week
  • 48:00 – Difficulties with managing cash flow during Covid
  • 55:20 – Advice for people pursuing video production
  • 59:42 – Story behind CHUCK Media
  • 1:03:25 – Outro

Stuart’s Background and the Australian Market

Stuart begins by diving into the current video production market in Australia. Unlike North America, the Australian market leans more towards shorter content pieces, focusing more on engagement than volume. As someone who has a background in business development, Stuart emphasizes the importance of strategizing outreach and targeted cold-calling to break through the crowded market.

Finding the Sweet Spot Between Niching Down and Diversification

Around the 13-minute mark, the episode takes a deeper dive into the idea of “niching down.” Stuart outlines how CHUCK Media has tailored its online presence to appeal to certain niches while also taking on a broad range of projects. It’s not about pigeon-holing your business into one category but using a chameleon approach. Stuart suggests using curated landing pages that funnel clients towards specific types of projects.

From Freelance to Business Owner: The Growing Pains

One of the standout sections of the episode was Stuart’s recounting of his journey from being a freelancer to a business owner. The shift involves inevitable growing pains, but as Stuart points out, these are not setbacks but rites of passage for any entrepreneur. The episode goes into the specifics of hiring strategies, managing cash flows during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic, and the importance of planning for growth.

The Joy of Annual Passion Projects

Towards the end of the episode, Stuart touches upon the concept of taking on annual passion projects to keep the creativity flowing. These projects serve as a creative outlet and a reminder of why we fell in love with video production in the first place.


Stuart’s advice for those looking to pursue video production is to understand your value, be persistent, and never stop learning. His story, strategies, and insights serve as a valuable guide for anyone navigating the video production landscape.


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