Scaling Your Business (Ft. MatchPoint Studio) | Creatives Grab Coffee 65

In this conversation, Tyler Mose from MatchPoint Studio discusses the challenges of scaling a small business and the importance of sales in sustaining and growing a company. He shares his experience in finding and training salespeople, as well as the need for constant outreach and relationship-building. Tyler also talks about the difficulties of pricing projects and the importance of focusing on higher-margin businesses. The conversation also touches on the challenges of working with videographers and the need for a strong work ethic and attitude in the industry. The conversation covers various topics related to the challenges and realities of working in the video production industry. Tyler Mose shares insights on viral marketing, the difficulty of earning a living as a freelancer, the importance of checking one’s ego, and the need to find a balance between creative projects and paying the bills. They also discuss the cost of hiring voiceover artists and the challenges of maintaining profit margins in the business. The conversation concludes with a discussion on work-life integration and the importance of avoiding burnout.

Creatives Grab Coffee is produced by Lapse Productions, a video production company based out of Toronto, Canada. Reach out to them for your video production needs.

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  • Sales is crucial for sustaining and growing a business, regardless of how talented or creative the team is.
  • Finding and training salespeople can be challenging, but it’s important to look for individuals with experience in successfully selling similar content or services.
  • Constant outreach and relationship-building are necessary to generate leads and secure clients.
  • Focusing on higher-margin businesses and projects is key to scaling and increasing profitability.
  • Working with videographers can be difficult, and it’s important to find individuals with the right attitude and work ethic. Working in the video production industry can be challenging, and it’s important to find a balance between creative projects and paying the bills.
  • Freelancers in the industry often face difficulties in earning a living and may need to take on corporate or less creative projects to make ends meet.
  • It’s crucial to check one’s ego and focus on delivering what the client wants, rather than solely pursuing personal artistic goals.
  • Hiring voiceover artists can be expensive, and it may be more cost-effective to find individual artists rather than going through online platforms.
  • Maintaining profit margins is essential for the sustainability of a video production business, considering factors like employment tax, benefits, and overhead costs.
  • Work-life integration is important for entrepreneurs, but it’s also crucial to avoid burnout and take time for self-care.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:25 The Importance of Sales in Scaling a Business
  • 05:56 The Challenges of Pricing Projects
  • 08:18 Focusing on Higher-Margin Businesses
  • 13:09 Working with Videographers: Attitude and Work Ethic
  • 26:48 The Challenges of Freelancing
  • 27:18 Checking Your Ego in Video Production
  • 29:56 Navigating the Cost of Hiring Voiceover Artists
  • 32:24 Maintaining Profit Margins in the Business
  • 36:53 Work-Life Integration and Avoiding Burnout

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