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Today we welcome Dan Fisher & Brett Singer Bottle Rocket Media!

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  • Starting a business earlier can be a regret for many entrepreneurs
  • Transitioning from the traditional broadcast industry to the digital content space can be challenging but rewarding
  • Networking and leveraging professional connections can be crucial for finding clients and growing a business
  • Delegating tasks and focusing on running the company is important for business growth and success Affordability of equipment has made it easier for individuals to get into video production
  • Storytelling is more important than the gear in creating compelling videos
  • Video production companies should consider diversifying their services, such as offering SEO strategy
  • Branded content focuses on storytelling and promoting a brand or lifestyle
  • Dealing with specific client requests can be challenging, but building relationships with clients and agencies is crucial Creating branded content and passion projects can attract clients and showcase your skills and creativity.
  • Access to interesting people and organizations is crucial for creating compelling stories.
  • Adding a dedicated social media person to capture behind-the-scenes content can enhance a production and provide additional value to clients.
  • AI is a growing trend that may impact the industry in the future.
  • In-house content creation is becoming more prevalent, with displaced marketing professionals and film students seeking immediate and frequent content for social media platforms.


  • 00:00 Regrets and Starting a Business
  • 13:06 Transitioning to the Digital Content Space
  • 15:57 Networking and Leveraging Professional Connections
  • 23:26 The Affordability of Equipment and the Importance of Storytelling
  • 28:06 Business Expansion: SEO Strategy and Branded Content
  • 33:44 Challenges of Dealing with Specific Client Requests
  • 46:41 Building Relationships with Clients and Agencies
  • 48:05 Introduction and the Power of Branded Content
  • 49:13 The Importance of Access in Storytelling
  • 51:42 Adding a Dedicated Social Media Person to Productions
  • 59:18 The Potential Impact of AI on the Industry
  • 01:06:15 The Rise of In-House Content Creation

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