Creativity Shifts | Creatives Grab Coffee 12 (ft. Immediate Group)

Welcome to Creatives Grab Coffee, a podcast on the business of video production, hosted by Dario Nouri and Kyrill Lazarov from Lapse Productions.

Our goal is to make the video production industry smaller by creating a sense of community. Whether you are a creative, an entrepreneur, or a professional there is knowledge for you to learn. Join us as we have industry professionals from around the world come on the show and share their insights on the industry and business. Welcome to Creatives Grab Coffee. Welcome to Video Production.

Today we welcome our guest Ryan Bergmann. Ryan runs Immediate Group, a production company for the digital age. Working with agencies, brands and people to develop ideas and concepts that maximize viewer engagement. In addition to their commercial work, they have a mandate to support and collaborate with charities and non-profit organizations whenever possible.

Adapting Creativity to Covid-19

Among the various topics discussed. Ryan shared with us how Covid has impacted the creative process. Video production hinges on the need for people to get together to shoot and produce content. With Covid constantly changing the rules and regulations to how many people can meet in person indoors, it has become the main challenge in every creative brief. Productions have to develop creative work with those restrictions in mind. If only 10 people are allowed in an enclosed space, then the project has to determine which of those 10 people will be talent, crew and clients. This will always vary on what the client marketing goals and objectives are and their correlation to the content being produced.

Covid-19 Protocols

Ryan shared with us the protocols that need to be followed and set in place for video production. It will vary depending on the scale of the projects and their budgets but there are a general set of rules that he outlines for everyone.

Giving Back

One thing every business needs to think about is how it can give back to the community. Ryan and the Lapse team discussed some of the initiatives they are doing in order to give back.

Benefits of Film School

A question most people have is whether they need film school to become a filmmaker. Ryan shares with us many benefits of going to film school on this episode. He mentions how the most valuable thing you will gain is the life long contacts and connections that will come from it.

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