Business Conversations | Creatives Grab Coffee (ft. By the Booth)

Welcome to Creatives Grab Coffee, a podcast on the business of video production, hosted by Dario Nouri and Kyrill Lazarov from Lapse Productions.

Our goal is to make the video production industry smaller by creating a sense of community. Whether you are a creative, an entrepreneur, or a professional there is knowledge for you to learn. Join us as we have industry professionals from around the world come on the show and share their insights on the industry and business. Welcome to Creatives Grab Coffee. Welcome to Video Production.

Today we welcome our guests Garus Booth and James Murday. By The Booth are an Idea Company, focused on discovering their clients’ stories and rendering them into animation, motion graphics and live-action.

Selling Creative Work

We talked with the team at By The Booth about what business skills are necessary for any production company. Most creatives don’t know where to start when it comes to selling their services and it is tricky to start. Some people try to learn themselves and do it all as a one man band but as it’s been proven, it is better to find and work with people that know certain skills that you don’t. Whether its sales skills, accounting or anything else, delegation is key. Garus mentioned how he needed to find someone who had the experience and skills for selling and managing the business. That is when James joined the team.

By The Booth Live Show

Garus and James discussed how as a part of their outreach and content plan, they created the By the Booth Live Show where they interview and chat with other creatives, entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Animation Content

They shared with us how they started By the Booth and how they have managed to keep consistent work creating video animation content. This type of content allows them to work remotely and opens the door to working with creatives that are based not only in Toronto or Canada but also the entire world. Some of the creatives they work closely with are based out of Europe.

COVID – 19 Impact

This remote style of work has made it easier for them to navigate the challenges of the current pandemic. While most production companies have had to adjust their in-person work practices, By the Booth has not had to alter their creative process all that much.

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