The Rise and Fall of the Film Industry in Louisiana | Creatives Grab Coffee 62

Edward Holub, founder of New Orleans Video Productions, discusses his experience in the video production industry and the unique challenges of running a business in New Orleans. He shares insights on the freelance nature of the industry, the variety of projects he works on, and the importance of building a network of reliable freelancers. Edward also delves into the history of the Louisiana tax credit system for film and the corruption that surrounded it. The conversation with Edward Holub delves into the impact of the film industry in Louisiana, particularly in New Orleans. The discussion covers the rise and fall of the industry, including the influence of tax credits, the criminal activities surrounding the film projects, and the political dynamics in the state. Edward shares his personal experiences as a filmmaker and his plans for the future, including targeting specific projects and expanding internationally.

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  • The video production industry in New Orleans is largely freelance-based, with work often fluctuating based on seasons and availability of projects.
  • Building a network of reliable freelancers is crucial for scaling a video production business and ensuring a diverse skill set for different projects.
  • The Louisiana tax credit system for film was initially started as a scam by a few individuals, leading to corruption and money laundering in the industry.
  • The tax credit system has had a significant impact on the video production industry in Louisiana, attracting projects but also causing instability and uncertainty. The film industry in Louisiana, particularly in New Orleans, experienced a boom and subsequent decline due to factors such as tax credits, criminal activities, and political dynamics.
  • The rise of tax credits attracted numerous film projects to the state, but the industry suffered when the tax credits were capped and other states like Atlanta became more attractive.
  • The criminal activities surrounding some film projects, including money laundering schemes, further tarnished the industry’s reputation.
  • The political landscape in Louisiana, with a divide between New Orleans and the rest of the state, also impacted the film industry.
  • Edward Holub plans to focus on marketing his services using AI and target specific projects in the film industry, aiming to work as a director of photography or director.
  • Being a media professional requires being adaptable, working well within a team, and constantly marketing oneself to find the right projects.
  • Flexibility and the ability to move to different locations are advantages for filmmakers with small businesses.
  • Expanding internationally and working on projects in Europe and other countries is a goal for Edward Holub.
  • Building a strong crew with top-notch technicians is crucial for successful productions.
  • Understanding the hierarchy and dynamics within the film industry, including the roles of producers, directors, and department heads, is essential for navigating the industry.


  • 00:00 Introduction and Monster Java
  • 04:27 Background of Edward Holub and New Orleans Video Productions
  • 06:11 Working on Music and Multi-Camera Recording
  • 09:27 Clients and Industries in New Orleans
  • 13:04 Freelance Nature of the Industry
  • 16:33 Impact of the Louisiana Tax Credit System
  • 22:40 Introduction and Sharknado
  • 28:25 Personal Experiences and Reasons for Staying in New Orleans
  • 32:43 Political Dynamics and Industry Implications
  • 41:18 Future Plans and Marketing Strategies
  • 46:31 Flexibility and Advantages of a Small Business
  • 50:53 Building a Strong Crew and Navigating the Industry

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