How to Pivot Your Business | Creatives Grab Coffee 16 (ft. Bee Video Productions)

Welcome to Creatives Grab Coffee, a podcast on the business of video production, hosted by Dario Nouri and Kyrill Lazarov from Lapse Productions.

Our goal is to make the video production industry smaller by creating a sense of community. Whether you are a creative, an entrepreneur, or a professional there is knowledge for you to learn. Join us as we have industry professionals from around the world come on the show and share their insights on the industry and business. Welcome to Creatives Grab Coffee. Welcome to Video Production.

This weeks guest is Brigitte Sachse. Brigette runs Bee Video Productions, a Toronto based video production company that specializes in short-form digital content – both animated and live-action.


Here are some of the main topics we discussed in this episode:

  • Pivoting Your Business 1:34-9:43
  • Shooting/Directing via zoom 13:08-15:39
  • Creating a Business Plan 20:26-26:41
  • Pricing Packages 26:44-29:49
  • Video is a “High Touch” Business 29:50-30:47
  • How did you come up with the name? 31:58-36:41
  • SEO 36:42-41:46
  • You Can’t Delegate A Role You Don’t Know 41:47-44:31
  • Biggest challenge a Solo Business Owner Faces 44:32-48:17
  • When to Incorporate 50:00-53:51
  • What was your turning point? 53:52-55:39
  • Your first projects 55:40-58:15
  • Pushing Through When Your Business Partner Leaves 59:39-1:03:19
  • Video Production Industry outlook for 2022 1:10:44-1:13:12

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Produced by LAPSE