Empowering Your Team and Elevating Morale | Creatives Grab Coffee 52

Episode 52 of “Creatives Grab Coffee” is here, and today we chat with Pat Henderson from Path8 Productions, a seasoned pro in the Boston video production industry. We discuss the transition from freelancing to running a full-blown business. We dig into the financial aspects, talk about the ins and outs of expanding your team, and explore the merits of juggling both wedding and corporate projects. We also focus on the importance of business acumen and client relations, taking a look at the Boston video production scene, and diving into the pros and cons of having your own studio space.

Creatives Grab Coffee is produced by Lapse Productions, a video production company based out of Toronto, Canada. Reach out to them for your video production needs.


  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 02:45 – Episode Begins-Path8 name origins
  • 06:24 – Setting aside a rainy day fund for your business
  • 08:18 – Gradually expanding your team
  • 10:57 – Keeping the wedding business to supplement the corporate business
  • 14:54 – Weddings can give you important skills as a freelancer
  • 22:29 – Why you should hire people with business and client relation skills rather than just technical skills.
  • 18:17 – Sponsors
  • 19:21 – Keeping up team spirit in a bigger team
  • 21:37 – Work with people you would grab a beer with
  • 24:11 – Sponsor
  • 24:41 – Boston Industry
  • 27:13 – If business is slow, don’t blame anything or anyone else but yourself. Figure out how to get through it.
  • 29:03 – Conclusion 29:27 – Outro

Key Takeaways

Shift from Freelancer to Business Owner: Making the move isn’t just about scaling, but a whole new mindset and financial responsibilities.

Financial Planning: Ensure a safety net by having a rainy-day fund for slower times.

Team Expansion: Gradually grow your team, keeping an eye on both work volume and finances.

Hiring for Business Acumen: Technical skills are great, but soft skills like client relations can be a game-changer.

Studio Space: It’s not just about looking cool; think about costs and practicality before investing.

Responsibility: If business slows down, take it upon yourself to analyze and improve the situation.

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