LEARN NEW Ways to GENERATE LEADS | Creatives Grab Coffee 40

Welcome to Creatives Grab Coffee, a podcast on the business of video production, hosted by Dario Nouri and Kyrill Lazarov from Lapse Productions.

Our goal is to make the video production industry smaller by creating a sense of community. Whether you are a creative, an entrepreneur, or a professional, there is knowledge for you to learn. Join us as we have industry professionals from around the world come on the show and share their insights on the industry and business. Welcome to Creatives Grab Coffee. Welcome to Video Production.

Today we welcome Liam Dawe from Altitude Media, a video production company based out of St.Johns, Newfoundland that focuses on creating first impressions that drive results.


  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 02:42 – Challenges of generating leads as a new business
  • 04:34 – Filtering your leads for more quality clients
  • 08:36 – St John’s video production market
  • 09:12 – Using paid marketing on social media
  • 12:57 – Bringing in experts to help with marketing
  • 16:02 – SEOs and improving your page ranking
  • 18:39 – Curating your website to improve SEO without sacrificing UX
  • 19:56 – Using A.I. as an aid for your workflow
  • 21:34 – Weighing in on LinkedIn as a platform
  • 25:37 – Producing your own content to promote the business 
  • 26:43 – Video marketing in the production process
  • 30:04 – Going over the discovery process when direct-to-client
  • 38:02 – Looking out for red flags early on
  • 39:08 – Saying no to clients
  • 43:20 – Media insurance and going over liability insurance
  • 47:40 – Forming and navigating strategic partnerships when providing additional services
  • 55:44 – Partnering with marketing agencies vs direct-to-client
  • 1:01:15 – Levelling up your game with mentorship
  • 1:03:25 – Working on Creatives Grab Coffee and balancing workload
  • 1:09:22 – Seeking help and accountability with counselling as a solo business owner
  • 1:11:02 – Advice for offboarding clients and improving the cash flow process
  • 1:14:47 – Outro

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